Who I am

My name is Nakhi Lankford, I am 21 years old, and I enjoy doing what I do. I am a 3D character modeler but I also do other roles in the 3D field. I started in this line of work in 2016 and have been learning more about it everyday since. I hope to one day work for a company that has the same vision as me or to start my own. I want to make an impact on people with my work and I hope the world will feel that impact soon.
Substance Painter

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My Services

3D Modeling

Can create models for a company, personal use or small projects. Models can be busts, torso or full body of humanoid characters or animals. I am also capable of creating props and environments.

If you have any questions on pricing for my services please contact me with as much information as possible and we can move one forward from there.